While some incubators/accelerators are more focused on space and funding, our advisors are committed to leveraging their skills, experience and network to help achieve our stated value-add.


If we can't assist with strategy, introduce you to an early adopter and assist with defining a compelling use case or help you define a proof of concept case study with supporting ROI metrics then we're not the advisors for you and we'll let you know that - up front.


Daniel Brody, Advisor


Turnaround and Hands-on CTO / CIO / COO, Business Development / IT Advisor and Senior Management Executive with 20 years of diversified expertise diligently acquiring and possessing the necessary spectrum of skills and experiences. Solid business acumen, strong leadership, project management and teamwork capabilities, effective communication skills, the ability to develop and retain people, change management expertise and supplier management experience to ensure that investments in IT systems support the organization’s tactical and strategic business objectives.


Have been active and contributing member of Executive and Business Leadership Teams. Experienced and understanding diversity & working cultures across Canada, United States, Australia, China, India, Eastern Europe and Israel.


Created, built & working on elevating enterprise value: selling, developing and implementing solutions for clients around the world in start up, high growth and turnaround situations. Significant experience in the Infrastructure and digital media - sales & marketing, manufacturing and supply chain distribution sectors - applied in a wide variety of vertical industry markets from broadcast, multi-media, steel to packaged goods including electronics, food, and clothing.





Scott Howard, Advisor


I am passionate about working with emerging innovative companies to drive value. Business Development is my focus. I connect enterprise SaaS companies with partnerships, channels, and capital to accelerate revenue growth. Converting business strategy into a predictable revenue engine that is multi-factor, not just sales. I believe Customer Success is critical to revenue growth.


For the last 6 years I have worked in the Toronto Startup community, connecting entrepreneurs with opportunity. At Coral CEA we are building an ecosystem to drive innovation & commercialization for Startups, SMB and Enterprise with Communication Enabled Applications.


I have past experience working with both Fortune 500 and Small Business; I generate collaborative, results driven working relationships. With experience in the IT Outsourcing marketplace, I have expertise in complex solutions selling, project management, and business development processes.


I live in downtown Toronto with my wife and daughter. I grew up in Halifax and graduated High School in Omaha, Nebraska. I earned a BA in Political Science & History from the University of Western Ontario, as well as a Project Management Certificate from the University of Toronto.





Bill Yucatonis, Advisor


Bill is a seasoned entrepreneur as founder and co-founder or early-stage employee for companies such as GoodTwo, Roxy, Everest Gaming, BididngForGood, as well as led start-up enterprises that have supported large organizations such as DIRECTV, TiVo, ESPN and others with e-commerce and marketing services. Bill brings in a rare blend of marketing, product, positioning, and business strategy to help define, lead and execute that next step in the lifecycle.


Bill offers a rare blend of marketing, product, positioning, and business strategy to help define, lead and execute that next step in the lifecycle, whether it’s startup to profitability or midlife to refocus. My approach is simple: Put forward a product/service that is meaningful to the target user in both what it says to them and does for them, and then generate unforgettable, unwavering demand.




Shankar Devarajan, Advisor


BShankar Devarajan is a global citizen with over 25 years experience in business transformation, international startups, M&A and spin-offs, in industries such as, aviation, agribusiness, mining, telecom, IT, retail and technology. Shankar has led numerous large-scale business transformation efforts to align corporate strategy with investments in technology and human capital. Specific areas of expertise include, new market entry, managing complex programs, leading change management activities, developing business strategies, designing and implementing process, organization, and technology.


Shankar has lived, worked and studied in Canada, USA, India, West Africa, Sri Lanka, France and Japan. This diverse experience and exposure has helped in shaping his global perspective and people management skills. Shankar’s educational background includes an MBA in International Management from Temple University, USA..






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