Humber College and Launch180 have entered into a partnership to explore new entrepreneurial innovation models to complement the existing Humber Launch Incubator. While existing incubator models tend to be investor funding centric, the Launch180 partnership will focus on supporting initiatives around concepts of bootstrapping, accelerated MVPs, narrowly focused core offerings and clearly articulated problem/solution sets. Planned initiatives range from self-incubated projects, working jointly with and mapping select member communities, targeted crowd-sourcing sponsored by early adopter industry partners, fast to fail models, and leveraging developer platforms. The objective is to experiment with models that can accelerate commercialization and job creation.




D-Institute Launch180, together with MayorWilson have worked to establish The D-Institute Initiative at Rotman to help companies fill gaps in their innovation portfolio. Disruptive Innovation is necessarily aggressively outward focused and exploratory. The D-Institute focuses on a number of tactical initiatives to benefit organizations including: An Internal Workshop Series (for leadership and internal innovation teams), The D-Institute Innovation Conferences (to build expanded networks around specific “wicked” problem statements), The IDEA Program (an innovation greenhouse for MVP experiments) and mentoring select OMNIUM Capstone Projects.



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