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Changes and challenges abound - innovate or die!


Business innovation is driven by either increasing revenue or reducing costs which is achieved by focusing on creating either new customer facing, employee facing, and/or operational features, services or products. Fortunately or unfortunately this is a never ending process.


Continually refining existing processes and blue-skying and testing new ideas is both limited by resources and organizational capacity and would almost always be well served by an outside entrepreneurial perspective, especially in the context of fail fast and fail cheap innovation models where failure is a positive means to an end so long as you minimize risks, and learn and build on your experiments. do you fail more often with less risk?


We'd like to welcome you to a new research and innovation service to supplement or serve as an alternative to the traditional "inside innovation" models.


We invite "early adopters" looking for a competitive advantage to submit problems for consideration and we will network you with our entrepreneurs, or organize a collaborative / crowdsourced program with our community members, to generate new ideas and solutions.


We'll work with you to define a challenge around your business or market problem to provide our entrepreneurs and community with just the right balance of guidance and constraints to surface fresh new ideas. Our network of entrepreneurs and community members will bring a blend of both domain expertise as well as a unique perspective to the challenge.


This is an "open innovation" program driven to support local entrepreneurs and as such is a no cost fully funded entrepreneurial initiative that hopefully will result in new products and services and the next step of a pilot project or test implementation. Alternatively in some cases select members of our ecosystem are also prepared to undertake such creative/innovation work on a private or closed basis. Grant programs will also be available to some projects / challenges.


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